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Join us in the effort to empower actions towards sustainable environmental development. Get informed and participate in gathering, analysis and visualization of environmental data to contribute for a better tomorrow.

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About is a crowdsourcing platform, which gathers and presents environmental data. Our network of sensor installations and other third-party sources gathers the data and translates them into visual and easy to understand information. You can learn about the pollution, humidity, temperature or noise in your surroundings with just a few clicks. Even better, you can participate in expanding our network and setup your own devices, to enrich the data sourcing.

Participate and help the network grow!

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Do you want to see your city on our map? Start a local initiative, tell us the data your city needs and build a community! See how you can create


All of the data is available to the public! Feel free to use our REST API for research and development of your own applications.


Feeling creative? You can become a contributor to our team! We’d love to hear your ideas and recommendations for improvement.

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Get the app and have the information about your city at all times. The mobile applications are available for Android and iOS.

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How does it work?

The core of the system is the n-things platform, tuned and customized as It's comprised of several pieces, i.e. containerized building blocks, which are easily scalable, efficient and robust:

Graphic representation of The Things Network service
TTN Service


TTN Service

The Things Network is an open and global IoT data network that uses LoRaWAN as a base technology. The network is crowd-sourced, created and driven by the local communities. follows the same philosophies for creating and powering local communities, and uses TTN as a main LoRaWAN provider for the communication of its devices.


Wi-Fi Service

For locations where TTN is not available, Wi-Fi devices can be used as a replacement. houses an internal Wi-Fi access service that receives data in this scenario.

The Wi-Fi service uses double key mapping and TLS encrypted communication in order to ensure the data is valid and secured.

Wi-Fi Service
Graphic representation of the WiFi service
Graphic representation of the MOEPP service
MOEPP Service


MOEPP Service

Some countries (e.g. Macedonia) have a standardised government owned AQI sensor network. This network is comprised of laboratory grade sensors that measure multiple parameters for the ambiental air.

The MOEPP service occasinally polls their public data service, fetches the information needed and integrates it in the global system.


Data Processing Services

On daily basis, gathers a ton of data. Getting around in this jungle of information and making use of it, is not a trivial task. is equipped with side data processing services that calculate statistics on device an city level, power an early warning system or predict the near future.

DATA Services
Graphic representation of the Forecast, Warning and Statistic service
Graphic representation of the Core where all the previous graphics join
Graphic representation of the Cassandra database


Apache Cassandra

Every single measurement received is permanently stored in a distributed data store cluster.

Apache Cassandra is a free, open-source, wide-column store, NoSQL database. It's the perfect companion to as it guarantees ease of distribution, high availability and performance all the way.

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Mobile Applications

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Rest API

System core

At the bottom of all this, it's up to you how to consume the information provided by You can either use the interactive web visualisations and data exploring, get the mobile apps, or connect your system to the public RESTAPI.